Connecting people and data in ways that matter through our time, talent, and treasure.

Connecting people and data in ways that matter through our time, talent, and treasure.

Connecting people and data in ways that matter through our time, talent, and treasure.

Better connections for a better future leverages the technology and people across our company and ecosystem to build better connections for a better future. We do this by donating our technology, investing in the causes that matter most to our employees, and supporting data-centric initiatives. We believe we can make a difference by putting our time, talent, and treasure to work to positively impact underserved communities.

Data for good

Connected data has the power to change the world

Data, when harnessed for good, can be used to solve some of society’s biggest challenges. Learn how we’ve put our time, talent, and treasure to work on a variety of projects, from improving health care outcomes to offering better support to families in opportunity zones.

Hidden in plain sight podcast

“Creating a Better Internet with Anneka Gupta”

“Our vision is to use technology to teach and inspire the Black community to build net worth. Our partnership with LiveRamp brings us closer to truly understanding the financial needs of Black Americans, and providing our community with the critical tools necessary to build net worth.”
Kevin Cohee, Chairman and CEO of OneUnited Bank 
Partners for good

Catalyzing our network to build a better future

Connections have the power to change the world. We strive to make meaningful connections to unleash a wave of innovation and amplify awareness for a variety of causes. Our voice and position at the intersection of marketing, data, and technology gives your philanthropic efforts greater visibility.

Using our voice to amplify your social purpose

As a trusted partner to many, we feel responsible to lend our voice to those in our network who share our goal of making lasting and meaningful social change. 

Investing in humanitarian efforts

We have six overlapping values that underpin our approach to philanthropy: Doing right. Love. Accountability. Empowerment. Respect. Commitment. 

Building, engaging, and informing the community

We engage with our partner community to make connections and spread needed positivity and opportunity, and rally around meaningful calls for action.

Partners using data for good

At LiveRamp

Investing in what matters
to our people

LiveRampers support countless organizations. We help amplify our collective impact with annual donation matching, publicizing unique volunteering opportunities, and organizing an annual company-wide day of service.

Donation matching

Each year, LiveRamp matches up to $1,000 in donations for U.S.-based employees.


LiveRampers are encouraged to take time off to spend time on the causes they support.

Annual day of service

LiveRampers across the world have the opportunity to participate in our annual day of service in their communities.

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

Our team does not sit apart from society. Issues perpetuated by perceived differences do not stop at the workplace door—thankfully, neither do the benefits of diversity, inclusion, and belonging. All LiveRamp employees are guardians of DIB—empowered to solve some of society's biggest challenges and shape our world for the better.

Get involved

Join us in building better connections for a better future